The Division of Campus Safety and University Operations formed from the merger of the Campus Safety and Campus Services Divisions on March 1, 2019.  The Campus Card Office, Cedar Grove Cemetery, and St. Michael's Laundry joined the Division on March 1, 2023.  The Division of Campus Safety and University Operations is comprised of Building Services, the Campus Card Office, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Emergency Management, the Land O'Lakes facilities, the Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD), the Notre Dame Fire Department (NDFD), Operations, Risk Management & Safety, St. Michael's Laundry, and Sustainability.  These groups are responsible for helping to establish and promote safety on campus and ensure smooth operations vital to the life of Notre Dame.


Service, steward, and advance the University's mission by providing an operational environment that is safe and sustainable.  


We will embody a culture of belonging and grace-filled candor that will inspire every team member to maximize their potential and impact.  We will meet the operational and safety needs of the University through innovative strategies, strengthened partnerships, and efficient use of resources.  


Goal #1 - Culture

Strengthen our culture of respect, trust, and communication effectiveness to build a team of empowered individuals so all are included and valued.  

Goal #2 - People

Attract, develop, and retain a talented, diverse team by investing in and valuing each person while balancing our work to achieve individual and University goals.  

Goal #3 - Stewardship

Provide and optimize resources to ensure our Division has the ability to serve the University through sustaining and innovative operations.  

Goal #4 - Safety

Enhance a safe and healthy environment through innovation, routine operations, employee engagement, assessment, response, and compliance.  

Goal #5 - Partnerships

Collaborate to provide trusted services and strategies that are responsive to the University's needs and aligned with its mission.